What is The Control Group?

The Control Group is a gathering of two kinds of people:

  1. Concerned citizens like you who know the system is rigged against them… and feel out of control of their money, their business and their family’s future.

  2. And concerned experts who know how the system really works AND how to use that very same system to take back control.

Pete Coyne is the middleman between you two.

Because, in truth, even though he Pete has an expert network… he doesn’t have all the answers.

Like you, he’s on a search for the answers.

And much like you I’m sure, he’s a family man, too — he has a wife and soon to be three children he wants to protect and provide for.

He is already a millionaire…

But he’s on the hunt to gain as much control as possible for himself and his family. He wants to protect and grow his wealth.

There’s a lot to be worried about right now.

But when Pete picks up his phone and calls his contacts… that all fades to the background.

That’s why, even with all this chaos in the world, Pete still gets very, VERY, excited for the future.

Because they share secrets for gaining control in a system trying to control you.

Who we are...

Peter Coyne

I’ve been behind the scenes with some of the most influential names in the financial world, helping to expose the biggest secrets and help warn the American people.

I also worked deep inside the halls of Congress, closely helping Ron Paul and his staff as he shaped public policy. It was there, working with Dr. Paul, that I saw just how dangerous out of control central banks and power hungry government bureaucrats can be…

What I’ve learned alongside Dr. Paul, Jim Rickards, Robert Kiyosaki and others has sent me on a career mission to learn how to protect ourselves and our wealth.