Cash-Strapped Consumers Cut Back On Toilet Paper And Toothpaste

Yet Another Sign: After two years of negative real wage growth, depleted personal savings, and record amounts of credit card debt, the supposedly ‘strong’ consumer under ‘Bidenomics’ continues to crack under the heavy weight of a once-in-a-generation inflation storm.

  • Data reveals consumers are decreasing their spending on personal hygiene products, like toilet paper, toothpaste, and laundry detergent. Sales for those items in the 52 weeks through June 24 were down 3% to 4%.

“Cash doesn’t stretch as far as it used to,” says one consumer cutting back on name-brand products.

  • She added that she still has to use her credit card to make ends meet despite reducing her supermarket bill. She said, “I just accepted that’s the way it is.”

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