Dept of Homeland Security spent millions on AI software to detect ‘sentiment and emotion’

Get ready to have robots decide whether or not you’re allowed in and out of the country, among other things.

  • Fivecast, as the software is called, analyzes open source information (i.e. your internet activity) to determine whether you pose any threat.
  • Marketing material promotes its ability to scan data from Facebook, Reddit, and others to find “risk terms and phrases” across multiple languages.

Maybe the most alarming information from this is that Fivecast outputs charts related to people’s level of emotions such as “anger”, “disgust”, “fear”, “joy”, “sadness”, and “surprise” over time.

  • Am I too “angry” to enter the country… Am I too “disgusted” to leave? That’s up for AI to decide.
  • One critic complains that “putting imperfect tech like this in the hands of feds who don’t understand how it actually works is completely stupid.”

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