First-of-Its-Kind Federal Agency for Oversight of Digital Platforms

U.S. Senators Michael Bennet and Peter Welch have proposed the first-ever legislation to create a federal agency overseeing digital platforms, the Digital Platform Commission Act.

  • This initiative arises amidst escalating calls for more stringent regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) and social media companies.

Why it matters: Big Tech, with its outsized influence over society and economy, has been largely unregulated.

  • In response to tech’s unchecked influence on democracy and mental health, this proposed agency will seek to protect consumers, encourage competition, and safeguard public interest.

The bigger picture: This bill follows a precedent of Congress establishing expert, sector-specific federal agencies to manage complex economic sectors, such as the Food and Drug Administration, Federal Communications Commission, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

  • But: Public outrage forced the closure of the DHS (Disinformation Governance Board) before it could get off the ground. This effort could follow the same fate.

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