How the elites tried to rebrand their broken policies

In March, the World Economic Forum — Woodstock for the world’s control freaks — posted that we’re in a ‘polycrisis’, a term they began parading since January.

  • ‘Polycrisis’ supposedly describes the interplay between the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the energy, cost-of-living and climate crises.
  • Since this was posted the world has been defined by crisis after crisis… just look at the timeline of events in 2023.

The reality is that years and years of bonehead policymaking by the ‘control freaks’ of the world has brought us to where we are today.

  • The post goes on to say that problems like unemployment or excessively high interest rates “can be addressed by economic policy.”

That brings us to today: Unemployment at its highest since January 2022 and interest rates at their highest since 2008.

  • You know what “economic policy” they discussed this summer? CBDCs!

When control freaks speak, listen to their plans.

Click here to read the full WEF post.