IRS removes investigative team from Hunter Biden probe following whistleblower

The IRS has reportedly removed the entire investigative team involved in the tax fraud probe of Hunter Biden.

  • Hunter Biden, son of President Biden, is under scrutiny for potentially not paying taxes on millions in foreign-sourced income.

The purge allegedly was done on the orders of the Justice Department, the attorneys of the IRS whistleblower informed congressional leaders in a letter.

  • The whistleblower recently came forward to Congress to expose an alleged cover-up in the Hunter Biden case.
  • The lawyers contend that the removal of the investigative team is a retaliatory act that could obstruct a congressional inquiry.

This development comes amidst a series of related events:

  • A report on bias in the FBI’s investigation of former President Trump’s alleged links to Russia was released around the same time.
  • Allegations of preferential treatment in the Hunter Biden case and possible false testimony have been raised.
  • House Republicans are also investigating President Biden’s role in his family’s overseas business dealings.

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