Powell Makes Unexpected Admissions During Prank Call With Fake Zelensky

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell made several bizarre, if not shocking, admissions during a prank call with two Russians posing as Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky.

  • They discussed topics ranging from inflation, to the Russian central bank, and possibly setting up a federal reserve bank in Kiev.
  • Powell even jokes about having a ‘printing press’ in the basement.

More interesting was Powell’s admission, thinking he was speaking with Zelensky, during the call that the Fed would hike rates two more times.

  • The call reportedly occurred back in January and In retrospect, this is precisely what happened, with the Fed hiking twice in 2023.
  • This has prompted some to wonder if we are now in the “and done” phase once we get through the May rate hike…

You can watch the prank call with Powell here.