Thieves ransacked Nordstrom Rack, Macy’s in latest ‘flash robbery’

Last week, a Nordstrom Rack was ransacked by a band of six thieves who made off with thousands of dollars worth of designer handbags.

  • The incident comes as Southern California experiences a wave of ‘flash robberies’, where a group of thieves overwhelm a store’s employees and security before making off with as many items as possible.
  • Back-To-Back: This store was hit on July 10th and again just weeks later in an unrelated incident on August 14th.

A similar flash robbery took place where a group of at least five were filmed ransacking a Macy’s in downtown Los Angeles.

  • In many cases the thieves make off with $100,000s of merchandise with ease—simply walking in, grabbing whatever they can carry, and walking out.

Click here to see the harrowing videos.