Trump Indictment Will Put "Derivative Crimes" on Steroids Forever

  • The indictment will take place this afternoon—Trump will leave his Trump Tower penthouse at 10:30am and travel to the district courthouse in Manhattan.
  • Trump is expected to be charged with (A) authorizing hush money payments to Stormy Daniels; (B) listing those payments falsely as campaign financing; and (C) reimbursing Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen and claiming them as legal expenses. 

Bragg is manipulating the law in a special way to go after one person, this case highlights greater abuses of the law—something coined as “derivative crimes.

  • Derivative crimes are a class of offenses that by definition are derived from other criminal acts.
  • In other words, the government permits federal prosecutors to present evidence of lawbreaking elsewhere, even if the defendants are not charged with those crimes (such as extortion, murder, and robbery).

If Donald Trump has committed a real crime, then the authorities should charge him for it.

  • .Instead, the Democrats have decided that they want Trump in prison, and they don’t care if they have to bend the legal system out of shape to get what they want.

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