The Control Account

Grant Cardone & Millionaire Employees Reveal Their Method To Earning An Extra $100K Per Year At Your Job

Grant Cardone & Jarrod Glandt want to help you get on the path to making six-figure income per year after 30 days...

And they want to show you how to do it without starting your own business…

Without having a “side hustle”…

Or without touching any risky investments.

Here's Everything You'll Receive:

30-Day Millionaire Employee Method Training

If you think you have to be an entrepreneur to get rich, you don’t. If you think you have to start your own business to get rich, you don’t. If you think you have to spend 20 years climbing the corporate ladder, you don’t. You don’t need any kind of fancy degree with all those letters either.

Grant Cardone's Wealth Creation Formula

The Wealth Creation Formula comes from thirty years of studying the wealthy and codifying their strategies to create wealth in Grant's own life.

Access To Grant's Employer Network

You'll be able to sharae your progress with Grant's 10,000+ employer network so that you can get the dream job you want.

Millionaire Employee Method

Get instant access to the Millionaire Employee Method course & course resources when you checkout today.

Price: $495

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