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Congratulations on becoming a founding member of The Control Group.

You’re now ahead of 99% of Americans as the nightmare of Biden Bucks barrels towards us in the days ahead.

One billionaire I work with taught me: “Your network is your net worth.”

Now, my network is yours… and with it, you’ll be able to take back control of your freedoms, your future and your financials.

But don’t exit this page… Because this is your chance to get even closer to the action.

Because I’m looking for a small group of founding members to claim “VIP” status within The Control Group.

This is the highest level of Control Group access I’m offering.

It’s not for everyone.

Only people who want to be able to directly join me on my calls with the experts I’ll be speaking to each month are welcome.

This will be a chance to:

Ask your questions LIVE and learn from the experts I’ll be talking to.

Get early-invitations to in-person events, meet-ups and connections to professional services… 

Receive special VIP-only bonuses as they're released…

Give input, request strategy sessions and specific experts that I’ll bring to the group.

As an Inner Circle VIP you will get the most exclusive access to regain maximum control to live a life of freedom and intentionality.

Here’s What You Get As An Inner Circle VIP


Special VIP Q&A Sessions With Control Group Experts

(Retail $10,000)

Due to the number of new members joining The Control Group, we want to offer you the closest thing to a direct line of communication with our experts. As an Inner Circle VIP member, you get access to exclusive Q&A sessions with the experts in my network. These sessions will NOT be open to the entire Control Group. Only to VIPs. One of the experts in my network costs $100,000 for one hour of his time to ask him questions. But as a VIP inner circle member, you’ll get access to my expert connections without paying their hefty personal fees.


FREE Virtual Ticket to Control Conference 2023

(Retail $297)

As a big thank you for upgrading to Inner Circle VIP, we’re also going to go ahead and comp you on the first ever virtual Control Conference. This event is going to bring together The Control Group’s experts in one place, to cover the biggest opportunities in the months ahead. If and when we announce the event, the general public will pay $297 or more to attend. But as a Control Group VIP, you’ll receive this ticket (and several other surprise perks) totally free of charge.

But that’s not all…


NEVER Pay Another Control Group Membership Fee Again

(Retail $1,995 Per Year)

As a founding member, you locked in the lowest price for the next twelve months possible. But the regular annual membership due will be $1,995. In fact, I plan on raising the price as The Control Group’s strategy briefings grow in number and as new member benefits are included.

But when you upgrade to a VIP Inner Circle member, you’ll pay a small additional fee today, and in exchange, we’ll waive any future membership dues for The Control Group. And you’ll be included in all Group briefings, invitations and new Group features that are launched for as long as the group continues meeting. In the past, VIP access groups I’ve managed or built behind the scenes have cost as much as $20,000.


Three Ways to Cover 10X The Cost of Your VIP Membership

(Value: $4,997)

The cost to upgrade to a VIP Inner Circle member is a one-time additional payment of $495. When you upgrade, I’ll be hosting a special briefing series specifically focused on three ways to cover 10X your upgrade cost -- that’s $4,997 of value -- using the very strategies I’ll be bringing to you within the group. That way, instead of thinking of your membership dues as a cost, you can think of it as a “access-investment” that will put money right back in your pocket.

Included In Your VIP Inner Circle Status

Special Q&A Briefings for VIP Members ONLY (Value $10,000)
FREE Virtual Control Conference Access (Value $297)
Never Pay Another Annual Control Group
Membership Fee
(Value $1,995)
How to Use the Control Account to Cover
10X The Cost of Your VIP Membership
(Value $4,997)

SPECIAL OFFER: $17,289 $495! (93% off!)

Billing Terms: Once you accept your VIP Inner Circle subscription, your credit card will be billed immediately for USD $495.00. You will have 30 days to review your order. If you would like to cancel, please contact our team to receive a full refund. By submitting your order, you attest that you have read and accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy including the refund and cancellation policy.