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I’ve shown you all the amazing tools you’re going to get right away when you join like:

— The 11-Investment Fully Allocated Portfolio: Which shows you which investments my “War Cabinet” recommends we own, in what quantities, fully customized for all types of portfolios – be in a small $1,000 portfolio or a large $10,000,000 portfolio.

— 19 Ways to Control How Much Cash You Send to The IRS Briefing: My tax contact in The Control Group has shared 19 different secrets for keeping more of your cash, from sources you’ve probably never heard of…

— How to Control Fractions of the Most Valuable Assets On Earth Briefing: One of my contacts has been at the forefront of a new technology trend that allows everyday Americans to control what I call “micro-fractions” of some of America’s most promising assets, including “income from gold.”

— The Control Your Castle Briefing: Where my defense expert will teach you how to protect your home and your family from physical harm.

— The Control Group Community Facebook Page: Where you’ll be able to interact with our small group of like-minded Americans on their own journal to take back control.

Plus, you’ll also be getting video access to at least two control briefings per month with my network of insiders.

Where we’ll get specific about the current investment opportunities they see in stock or options markets… strategies for reducing your taxes more… earning more money… buying-businesses… real estate strategies… systems for protecting your wealth, like precious metals… I’ll be speaking to crypto-currency experts and technologists… in addition to health experts and many more.

Every conversation will be actionable and focused on giving you more control of your money, your health and your happiness.

It's Your Turn To Act – And Remember, We Might Just Be Hours Away From Full-Blown Warfare

I’ve done all of the hard work. I’ve spent a decade building up a golden rolodex.

I’ve traveled nearly 8,000 miles…

I’ve sunk $70,000 in discovering the secrets I’m going to share with you…

And, I’ve slashed the founding member price from $1,995 to $995 per year to make this as easy as possible for you to join me.

The only question is, will you be controlled? Or, take control?

The choice is now yours.

Fill out the secure order form on this page and become a founding member of The Control Group today.

Remember, we’re in the Final Countdown for what would be a massive full scale war that puts us against China, Russia and Iran… 

An urgent announcement could be made anytime now. 

You need to take action now, while you can still move your cash without restrictions.

Don’t get left inside the financial system.

Join The Control Group… take back control… and I’ll see you on the outside.

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