Take This Step To Protect Your Home, Your Family And Your Property From The Democrat's Secret Plan

Keep your money secure and potentially even grow your retirement, no matter what happens. Here's how:

The Control Report

Pete Coyne here. This is your next step to learning how to potentially protect yourself from the Democrats plan to "steal" the election.

I'm talking about the biggest election shock of our lives!

You’ve also seen how American will reach a financial tipping point...

And unfortunately, what I've shown could only be the beginning.

If my predictions are correct, a "debt-jubilee" in America is more and more likely.

Those who are not prepared will be taken by surprise.

That’s why you must take a handful of simple steps now.

Fortunately, if you’re reading this, it means my message is still online. You still have a chance…

You can make sure that the Democrats secret plans don’t completely destroy your life.

Instead, we’re going to protect ourselves.

That’s why the first report you will receive is The #1 Debt Jubilee Investment: How to Profit from America's Debt Reset.

Your other reports will show you how to protect youself in the coming storm.

This is the answer to helping you protect every penny you own… while giving yourself the potential to grow wealthier in these dark times.

Instead of almost nonexistent interest from your bank account…

Instead of watching your nest egg get taken from you…

Instead of having a humiliating conversation with your spouse about needing to take a part-time job…

Instead of having to beg your bank for access to your money…

You could have control of your wealth-building.

You could get to watch your investments potentially SOAR.

You’ll get to enjoy your retirement and sit back with pride, knowing you made all the right moves to protect your family.

That chance to your own path to personal freedom starts right here, right now. I would like to now send you everything you’ve learned about:

REPORT #1: The #1 Debt Jubilee Investment: How to Profit from America's Debt Reset

I've found one investment strategy that can help you not just preserve your wealt...…

Because it's easily considered the safest investment of all time...

But it's poised for BIG gains in the months ahead because of a new government policy being initiated...

And it guarantees income to you, too, so you'll get paid while you wait for any potential capital gains.

With that said, this report is yours at no charge when you join today. And there’s more…

REPORT #2: How to Opt-Out of Obama Bucks

In this report, you’ll discover:

  • Exactly how "Obama Bucks" work and how it's different from "online banking"
  • How these "Obama Bucks" could track your every move and how it could be used to control you
  • How the Federal Reserve has already laid the groundwork for "Obama Bucks" in July 20th of 2023
  • The 3 steps you must take to protect yourself...
  • And much more...

1 of these 3 steps is to get your hands on an off-the-grid asset that has had an annualized return of over 71% over the past 10 years.

Yes, 71%.

That would have turned a $500 investment into an astonishing $213,777.

That's not all you get though...

REPORT #3: The Gold Wealth Blueprint: Use Gold To Preserve And Build Your Financial Fortress

Once you devour the information in this report on gold, you'll be an expert on two things:

  • How to use gold to preserve wealth...
  • How to use gold to BUILD wealth (you're going to love this genius method)

Specifically, you'll discover:

  • Exactly how to buy gold
  • The popular ways of buying gold that you need to avoid like the PLAGUE (unless you want to get ripped off)
  • How to store your gold (if you get this wrong, you might kiss your gold goodbye to government agents)
  • Plus, you'll discover important information about other precious metals. Some you should get and some you should AVOID

Gold has always been a store of wealth… but with Obama Bucks upon us...

And... for the first time in human history… my prediction is that our currency is going to be replaced by a 100% digital currency stored on the government's hard drive...

I also predict gold's price could shoot up at least 400%.

REPORT #4: The Tax-Free Stealth Investment

It includes all the details about what this investment is... how it works... where you can buy it... and how to keep it off the grid if you so choose...

I've found a 100% legal and tax-free investment that's a great shelter for your money.

And, it will generate income for you...

While also giving you the ability to keep that wealth off-the-grid

REPORT #5: The Civil War Shelter

This primer shows you th basic steps you can take to protect your home, your family and your property as America descends into a Cold Civil War... and chaos ensues.

The world is getting crazier and more dangerous by the day just about everywhere.

And it's going to reach a fever-pitch by election day...

That's why I contacted several of the self-defense and preparation experts I know...

Their guidance and my own research are all included in The Civil War Shelter report.

You'll learn...

>> The #1 place to go in case you have a home break in...

>> What gun NEVER to buy for home defense, and why tons of people are making this critical mistake...

>> You'll learn how you're inviting trouble into your home. There's one common sign you DO NOT want to put outside your house. If you do, you're inviting an intruder in!

>> You'll learn the number one sound that will instantly repel an intruder (hint: It's NOT a barking dog.)

>> You'll learn how to audit your entire local area to know what threats you're surrounded by… your allies… and what resources and safe zones you have access to in a crisis...

>> And, you'll learn strategies to stay off-the-radar and be harder to label as a traditional American...

PLUS, by joining today, you get:

— 3 months of my monthly newsletter, The Control Report AND The Big Picture… this will be your go-to resource for keeping up-to-date on every threat facing America and your retirement. In every issue, you’ll discover a new way to protect and grow your wealth.

— Access to our private model portfolio updated in real time…  I’ll tell you a secret: My network of insiders alert me to money-making investment opportunities all the time. They tell me which stocks to buy and… just as importantly… when exactly to sell. As a member of The Control Group, you’ll get access to the model portfolio I’ve constructed exclusively for members. In other words, you’ll be handed a simple list of the best stocks for you to own right now. It’s the closest thing to having an insider looking over your shoulder and showing you exactly what to do, to build wealth like the rich do.

— You’ll also receive FREE updates delivered via e-letter straight to your inbox

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You get all of this risk-free, when you choose to test out The Control Group today.

It’s a good deal. Plus, you found it at the perfect time. The listed price is $299 per quarter, but you found the special page where you can…

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The Control Report

You’ll immediately get a link for accessing all your reports. You’ll get immediate access to The Control Report issues I’ve already published. You’ll get everything.

You must get in on this now. Fauci and the deep state could be coming for your savings. If you let them succeed in their plan, they will enjoy your money… and you will lose your privacy, freedom, and control.

Remember, everything comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

The Control Report Guarantee

You will get a full 30 days to review absolutely everything.

ALL the special reports (including new ones as I publish them) …

ALL the newsletter issues…

ALL the special alerts…

The ENTIRE model portfolio…

Print and save everything. I want you to give it a thorough review. Test how much better your investment returns are. I’m willing to take this risk because I know you’ll be delighted.

If, however, you’re not happy for any reason, simply contact my customer service team and you’ll be granted a fast refund for every penny.

Plus, even after your 30-day trial period, you can still cancel at any time. And you won’t owe another cent.

To get started, simply fill out all your information below. Then you’ll get instructions on how to access everything.


I’m sending you the same tactics and strategies that I’m using to build my own family’s wealth. I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with what you discover.


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The Control Report


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