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The Capitol Gains Trader

I’m sure you’ve seen several stories on the internet of how these politicians are getting rich in the stock market.

Some of these congress members are even beating legendary investors like Warren Buffett.

In some cases, they’re making millions because…

Somehow, they know which stocks to buy… 

And exactly when to buy them.

I think you’d agree with me that there’s something fishy going on in Congress.

For example, did you know that members of Congress have been beating the market since 2020?

Some of these politicians are performing 3 times, 5 times and even almost 10 times better than the market.

Not even investment legends like Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio or George Soros have been able to do that…

And those guys have access to the best of the best research teams… rooms filled with analysts… and resources you and I will never have.

I launched The Capitol Gains Trader to expose this because I believe American patriots like you and me have to fight back.

That’s why I spent the last few months developing a proprietary tracking system…

That can pinpoint exactly what they’re doing in the stock market.

It tracks unusual trades of all 535 Congress members and their close relatives…

Because that often indicates something big is about to happen in the market.

This is all part of a new initiative  called The Capitol Gains Trader.

So I’m launching this initiative to give you a chance to keep tracking their trades on an ongoing basis.

That’s part of my mission. 

How does this new research service work?

It’s actually pretty simple. 

Me and my team of analysts are constantly tracking these congressional trades.

And whenever we get a strong buy signal…

We’ll send an alert to our members with all the details of that trade. 

So all you really have to do is read our research and decide if you want to participate.