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The Control Report

I’ve just launched a very special project called The Control Report.

It’s a special newsletter report I publish every single month to thousands of Americans like you.

Every issue is focused on a trend unfolding in the economy… the financial markets… or politics that directly impacts the amount of control you have over your life.

And I bring actionable ideas to taking back control so you can be in the driver’s seat of your freedom, your financials and your future.

In all, you’ll receive 12 issues of The Control Report over the next year.

These are monthly 20-plus page reports all geared toward giving you maximum control.

Sometimes it might be a new opportunity to get unbanked…

Other times, it could be a pressing-opportunity I’m seeing in the stock market…

Other times, it could be a personal finance strategy to make more money… keep more of the money you make… increase your privacy or use of your money…

Other times we could be looking at alternative investment strategies.

Other times we might look at a health issue…

Or an opportunity in real estate.

Anything that impacts the level of control you have over your freedom and future will be on the table.